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MelDesign - is a team of creative and talented specialists with a huge experience behind them. Everyday we help our clients to make their dreams come true. Every single project is a demonstration of your individuality, and our team is your skillful assistant. We gather one of the best specialists in the area of design, engineering, architecture and construction. All the efforts of our team are leading to achieve the required result.


Сергей Кочуров


Тимофей Панов

Дизайнер интерьеров

Денис Кувиков

Проектный менеджер

Евгений Сперанский

Проектный менеджер

Анна Снеткова

Ландшафтный архитектор



St. Petersburg

pr. Aptekarskiy, 4


Phone number: +7 /812/ 965 08 56


Breaking the rules and mixing the styles, MelDesign creates new forms and compositions to make your dreams come true. We always find extraordinary, prompt and gorgeous solutions.