The development of interior design plans and specifications

We know you are too busy with daily routine, that’s why we take care of your home considering to your desires. We create complete design project, that includes:


Process design package:


  • The plan of mounting/dismounting (if needed)
  • Floor plans with sizes and furniture arrangement
  • A floor layout with the indication of type and thickness of floor pavement and the point of laying
  • A ceiling plan with the indication of material, style finish, downdrops and niches
  • A layout plan of lamps and bound switches
  • A layout plan of sockets
  • A wall elevation with decorative fixtures
  • A wall elevation with the tile fillet
  • Drawings of building elements
  • The list of home decoration materials




  • The development of functional solutions for your apartments
  • The development of stylistic solution
  • The development of a shade card
  • Textile design
  • The engineering of lighting scenarios
  • 3D visualization: a photorealistic image of future interior from different perspectives (with the ability to make changes on style, models, colors and arrangement)
  • Drawings and sketches of special-ordered elements
  • The list of room equipment with indication of elements’ cost (furniture, lights, etc.)




  • The complete selection of furniture, decorative components, finishing materials according to the approved project

from  2 500 rub./м2

The development of 3D-visualization

You already know what elements would be on your apartment. But you must admit, that it’s really hard to understand how all of these elements will combine together. Here are our specialists to help you with this problem — they will create a 3D-visualization for your apartment. It helps you to:


  • To see everything in the minutest details
  • To make changes even before the renovation starts
  • To escape from builders’ questions

 850 rub./м2

The development of stylistic collage

A stylistic collage is a general style-guide and color scheme for your interior. The collage can not represent shape or plan of the apartment, but perfectly reflect the ambiance, colors and textures combination, and also specific furniture and decorative lighting.


  • The development of style-guide and color scheme for your future interior
  • The selection of furniture
  • The selection of home decoration materials
  • The selection of the accessories

from 2 700 rub.

Space-planning solution

A space-planning solution is a plan of walls and room dividers with the collocation of furniture and equipment, and it is the basis of future interior. And as much as good this plan is, as much as comfortable and convenient you’ll feel living in this interior.


  • A redevelopment plan
  • A collocation of furniture plan

from 2 875 rub.

The realization of project. Renovation and finishing.

We have strong background in installation and construction work. The expertise of our technical specialists allows us to create precise concept of your interior in line with high quality and short terms. Our primary goal is to achieve the results. Operating with us you will get:


  • A multipronged attack on the problem
  • A high-quality realization of the project
  • The team of professionals
  • Meeting deadline

 from 6 500 rub./м2

On-site designer supervision

First reasonable question: “For what?” We have asked ourselves the same questions when we made our first design-projects and gave them to clients. But the thing that we saw after, boggles the mind not only of our client, but ours, too! We are going to let you in on a little secret — not every builder can understand the client, desires and the design project. They also need help.You can avoid the risk of bad result just by ordering designer supervision. We create exactly the same thing you planned. You get:


  • An assurance in the end result
  • A control of project execution on each stage

5 000 rub./outing



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